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Bicycle place reservation from Rovereto (Italy) to München Hbf

We are group of four and planning to travel from Rovereto (Italy) to München Hbf on August 2017. We are travelling with bicycles.

I noticed that tickets for persons can be booked online, but not for bicycles.

Where I can confirm if 4 bicycle places are available on certain train?

Where and how you would suggest me to book/buy bicycle places?

DB customer service phone line is "receiving unusually high number of calls" past two days. I cannot confirm this issue from them.

And I am living in Finland, so visit to DB station ticket sales is not an option.

Thanks for any reasonable tips.


Thanks for reply "DB".

As I stated earlier, I am living in Finland. Visit to DB Germany ticket counter is not an option. Neither is visit Italian ticket office.

Please provide another reasonable solution for this.

Sorry, but you can buy it only in a ticket office in Italy or in Germany. It is not available online. Or ask at trenitalia if it is possible to book the ticket with a bicycle reservation there. /no