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Understanding itinerary when booking

How can I tell if the train itinerary has connections that require me to change to another train?


I have not booked yet, but it would be for Flexpreis.

Sorry for misunderstanding, I was planning to book Flexpreis. I just would like to know if I have to change to other trains during my travel from Eindhoven to Hamburg or will I stay on the same train throughout the journey.

Thank you

Thanks for your response. It sounds like I will have to change the train several times (maybe 3) between Eindhoven and Hamburg so will have to add extra time to move from one train to another.



5000 / 5000

You can also take a tight connection that will make you arribe earlier than required. If you miss your connecting train, you can take any other on any other itanary that will make you arrive as soon as possible.

If you arrive at least one hour late you can claim a compensation of 25% ( at least two hours late 50%) of the ticket price.

If you want tomake sure to use your reservations you can also choose via stations and specify a minimum connection time there. This will usually result in hanging around somewhere for an hour or so.