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Question regarding Train Delay and Unused tickets

I have a couple of questions and decides to club them all in one post.
1) I booked a ticket today with 3 changes and one train was delayed by 69 mins. Am I eligible to ask for a refund and if yes, how?
2) On Sunday I had booked tickets from Freiburg to Meiningen but I used the ticket only until Frankfurt (because of Train delay, I would have missed the last connection and a colleague of mine offered me a lift). I looked online to cancel that leg of the journey but it appeared to me that I need the original tickets to do that but I had Handy tickets. How do I proceed further with cancelling the tickets

The tickets for both 1 & 2 were Handy tickets and flex tickets bought with BC 50



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Good morning Sanjay,

I'm sorry for the delayed trains. Here you can find your passenger rights.

Here you will also find the passenger rights claim formular. Don't be afraid about the handy tickets. 

You can write the order number on the formular and the employee will check your claims. /aj