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Is the Young Ticket valid only for the month or 30 days after activation?

So, apparently I bought my young ticket on the 20th of May 2017, paying around 83 euros for 1 month. But, it just says May on it. Does it mean it only lasts for the month of May, or does it last 1 month after activation? I mean, did I just pay 83 Euros for like 10 days of service?

What it says on their website is:
Monatsticket: letzter Werktag des Vormonats bis erster

I just want to clarify if I should get a new ticket for this month, cuz I have been running with my old ticket till now, and just recently saw the information in their website.




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To give you a devinitive answer it would be necessary to know from which transportation network you bought the ticket. But normally a "Monatsticket" is only valid in a calendar month, which would mean in your case it was only valid in May.