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Hello . I would yo ask witch platform the train move from kopenhagen to stockholm at time 12:20 a

I'm going to stockholm from flensburg by train ... I would know witch platform should I wait for the train from kopenhagen to stockholm. . Travel time 12:20h .a




5000 / 5000

Koebenhavn H ab 12:20 X2 21538 X2000 direction: Stockholm Central
Stockholm Central an 17:39 Reservations required
Runs from Jun 2 to Jul 1, 2017
For example: Kastrup (Gr)

Price information is not available
International rates apply

For connections, which are completely abroad, a separate tariff applies.
These offers are not available on the Internet.

You can buy tickets for this in a DB travel center, a travel agency with a DB license or by phone via the Deutsche Bahn service number. The corresponding telephone number can be found at http://www.bahn.de/kontakt.


Or in Copenhagen with the responsible train.

Hello Snipy,

unfortunately, I don't know which platform the train X2 21538 will depart from in Koebenhavn H. Please inform yourself directly at the station or ask the Swedish railway company SJ. Greetings /jn