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lost receipt on the 10th of May

Good evening,
I travelled with your great services last week, on the 10th of May in 1st class (comfort), from Nuremberg train station to Munich airport ( with a change in Munich main station).
The total cost was €106 - The ticket has been bought at around 4.10 pm CET
Would it be possible for you to find back the receipt and send me it to me by email?
It is very important to me.
thanks a lot in advance
please keep me posted
Loïk-Maël Nys

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Good morning Loik-Mael,
did you buy your ticket online or at a DB counter? Only if you bought it online there is a way to obtain a second receipt (i.e. a copy of the ticket). In case you bought the ticket at a counter, we can not give you a receipt. /da