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I have ordered Quer-Durchs tickets instead of SchWochende Tickets for tomorrow and next week. Any option to change this?

I have ordered a ticket for tomorrow (29-04) and next week (5-05). As this is in the weekend I should have ordered Schones Wochenende Tickets, but by mistake ordered QuerDurchsLand tickets. Any way to exchange these?


Hello Theuno,
the Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket ist not refundable. If you've booked your Que-rdurchs-Land-Ticket online and you made a mistake, only our Online-Service might be able to help. And only if you've booked today. Please call the colleagues immediately: (180 6 10 11 11 - 20 ct/call via landline, mobile max. 60 ct/call - information applys to calls from within Germany). /da