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Bahncard number on digital card?

I just ordered my bahncard 25 online. I received the digital (self-print) ticket.

1. When will the actual card be sent to my address (which is in Singapore?)
2. Where can I find my bahncard number, which I need to book tickets?

thank you!



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Hi KdeBlank, 

the actual BahnCard will be sent to you within 2 weeks. But I don't know how long the shipping needs to Singapore.

You don't need the number of the BahnCard for ticket booking. It's only necessary for collecting bonus points. When you want to book a ticket please choose "BahnCard 25" for the discount. 

Please notice that the BahnCard is a subscription. If you don't want to have another card after the first period please send a cancelation to the BahnCard-Service after receiving the card. The email address is - The period of notice is 6 weeks before the BahnCard ends. Best regards /ki