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SOFORT Payment: Paid but never received tickets

I have booked my ticket in July via SOFORT transfer and the price was charged twice. I waited for a month but the money were not coming back. I wrote to the help line and send to them a copy of my bank statement confirming that the booking was charged wrongly twice and was not charged back even after one month. First answer from bahn.de ignored submitted documents and claimed that my booking was automatically charged back at the same day. After few rounds of communication and few months more of waiting, it was acknowledged that there was an error in the system, and I will receive my money back. The DB team has promised to recharge my payment back in January. Now it is already March but money are not back, tickets were not issued, and no response from the DB team. What can I do more? Are there any legal ways I can get back my money? I am getting more and more frustrated about the DB team email. More than 3 times they promise that I will receive my money back but nothing comes (even after 9 months).



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