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I missed my train, because timetable indicated wrong platform,I arrived 1,5hours later. What can I do for compensation?

On Sunday (Dec. 11.) evening I traveled from Nürnberg to Gelnhausen. I booked the ticket online:(Order number: XXXXX, Customer number: XXXXX). The ICE arrived on time in Fulda. In Fulda the timetable indicated the wrong platform number, number 3 instead of no.1, so I was waiting for the train on a wrong platform. I took a photo of the timetable. The train left the station without me from platform 1. I had to go to Hanau with ICE879 then back to Gelnhausen with RB15640. Finally, I arrived at Gelnhausen at 1:28 am Monday instead of 23:59 pm Sunday.
I would like you to compensate me for the inconvenience that was caused by the delay owing to the wrong piece of information provided by the station timetable.

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Hello Janos,

please use the passengers' rights claim form and send this with your ticket to the "Servicecenter Fahrgastrechte". The employees there will check your refund request and answer you within four weeks. Greetings /jn