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Replies from DB is no consistency!

But when I made a phone call and asked your staffs both at your customer service hotline and your service center in berlin, all of them said that DB company will refund the "new" one, the "expensive" one I bought! I have a person who also heard your staff said that she can prove it! So your staffs were cheating? Or your staff's training is so weak that there's no consistency in your company? But the staff who told me that DB company will refund the new ticket is a supervisor in DB Reisezentrum Berlin Hauptbahnhof!

Besides, it doesn't make sense! Because your delivery problem or somehow that I didn't get my ticket in time!! It caused your customer a lot of inconveniences! And I find out there many people who encounter the same problem as me. Your service and delivery system suck!

Furthermore, when I didn't get my ticket and I wrote many emails to
reflect this problem, but there was almost no reply! At the end, I can only make a phone call and went directly to your service center in person. So your email service is a placebo to brush your customers off?



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Hello erin,

please write under your first post, this makes things easier for us.

When a ticket you ordered to be delivered via mail-services to you does not arrive, you are requested to buy a new ticket, that's right. After all, you need a ticket on the train.

What ticket we refund depends on who is to blame that the ticket could not be delivered. Our Online-Service checks where the lack of information was. If it was your fault, you only get the ticket refunded you ordered first and could not be delivered. If it was our fault, we will refund the second ticket you had to buy, which is in most cases more expensive than the first one.

Obviously our Online-Service found out that it was not our fault. Please contact our Online-Service on this behalf via e-mail to fahrkartenservice@bahn.de. /da