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I didn't get my right refund! DB is cheating!

My booking number is XXXXXX.
I paid for a ticket and also the deliver fee online, but before my journey started, I didn't get my ticket by post. I contacted with your service center by phone and went to berlin hauptbahnhof db service center tellng about this problem, they said the only solution is to buy a new one on the spot at the station. Besides they promised me DB will refund the second ticket I bought! But it turns out that, DB doesn't refund my new-bought ticket which is the much cheaper one. Instead, DB refund my previous ticket. But the fee for the second ticket is much expensive then the previous one even though it's exactly the same kind of train! I feel cheated by DB company now. What can I do now? I have written many emails to them, but no reply, no answer...

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Hello erin,
for the unused ticket is a refund possible but not for the ticket you used. I hope that you understand that we cannot make any reimbursement for the second ticket. /si