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New BahnCard

Tomorrow morning I will travel to Frankfurt and I would like to use my Bahncard 25. I just noticed that according to the text on the Bahncard which I have in my purse, the Bahncard is only valid until May 2016. However, I still have a subscription until May 2017 (see the email below). I have not received a new BahnCard this year as I do not live in Germany anymore but I moved to the Netherlands recently. Can I still use the Bahncard? I already bought a train ticket.



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Hello Lynette,

did you tell the BahnCard-Service your new address? They can't send you your new BahnCard without that information. If you use the DB Navigator and the BahnCard Services are activated you can load your valid BahnCard as digital version into the DB Navigator, but the digital version is only valid for routes in Germany. You can't use your old BahnCard to get the discount. Please call the BahnCard-Service (contact info on the lower left side) to get your valid BahnCard. /ti