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Hi, We're from TH but living now in DE . We didn't know that the Ticket must to stamp. we're apologize. what can we do ?

Dear All, yesterday we had to use Sbahn from "Proz wan" to "Köln Hbf". We are 5 person , 2 childrens ( 4, 6 years old), 3 ladies,2 travel bags and a little bit something that we must to hold in hand. We were from Thailand but living now in Germany. So we can speak German but can not perfect read . We buy tickets for group from ticket automatic 10,70 Euro. After then the train is arrived , We are go to inside of the train and sit. after then 5 min. have someone come to check the Tickets. We have to show it but have something wrong. We don't know that the Tickets must to stamp. She had to said, we're must to pay 60 Euro pro person. We're really shocked. We're try to explain with her that we did not know and so sorry. So we live in another city and come to visited our cousin. When we comes we have no problem, we have A4 Ticket and just to show when someone need to check it and my cousin picked up at the train station . But when we need to go back have nobody to drive to train station . Then we have to decition to use Sbahn and buy extra ticket and then having trouble about ticket. That is a bad experiences in my life. Children are scared and we are shocked. Why? We have to buy ticket as a rule. when I have no ticket to show then can I accept to pay more but I didn't. So What can I do? we are not a rich person we have to work for our life our children. we're apologize about that . we didn't know. Let us know please, what can we do! /l\ Thank you& Best Regards, Pakawan


Hey, this is a Community and the orher Customer can't help you. I think you have to pay. Because on the ticket is an Information that you habe to stamp it. I think you get a document (a long paper) at the bottom are the right contact information for you.



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Dear Pakawan1987,
if you didn't stamp the ticket although it is written on it, your ticket is not valid. Now you got a "DB Fahrpreisnacherhebung", right? Please contact the colleagues there and ask if they still can do something for you. Contact details you find at the "DB Fahrpreisnacherhebung". Greetings /jn