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No ticket, but bonus points has been used

Hello, I try to buy a online ticket yesterday, and I also try to use 500 bonus points from my account to upgrade the ticket into 1st class seat. However, the bahn website doesn't accept my payment and I tried many different ways still can't pay the ticket. And then I find out that my 500 points has already been used. Even though I didn't get a ticket. Please check what happened and return my 500 bonus as quickly as possible, because I am leaving Germany soon and I need it for buying a ticket. My Bonuscard number is [edit - delete BahnCard-Number by DB Social Media Social Media-Team]


Hello joemp, please call our bahn.bonus-Service to clear the situation with your bahn.bonus-points. They can re-credit your points to your account. The number of the bahn.bonus-Service you can find at the back of your BahnCard. The colleagues can help you. Greetings from Berlin /mi

Hello, thanks for the reply, but I am very disappointed with your answer, because I can't find any telephone number at the back of my BahnCard. And more over, i find some telephone number in your website, but it cost a lot for me to call the bahncard company, it means with only 500 bonus points I will have to spend more telephone fee for getting it back, and the fault is not me but something wrong with the website system of your company. What an amazingly terrible service that I find in DB company, Please respect the time and money of your customers.