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Cancellation of Bahncard

I mistakenly bought unnecessary bahncard at 26.08.2016. At that time, I inquired about this through e-mail, but there is no answer.

Anyway, because I am going to back my country, I want to cancel all of my two Bahn cards. Please consider this. My account ID is xxxxxxxx. Thanks.

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Good morning JaKeoungKoo, we can't cancel your BahnCard. For that you have to send a cancellation to bahncard-service@bahn.de with all your data (name, address, BahnCard-Number). /no

jakeoung, please contact the BahnCard-Service, if you would like to cancel your BahnCard. For questions about your BahnCard, you'll find all contact data on the backside your BahnCard. You will receive a confirmation, when your e-mail was sent correctly. /ch

Although I tried to inquire by https://fahrkarten.bahn.de/privatkunde/kontakt/kontakt.po... .

I don't know my Bahncard number. I just use DB Navigator application on my phone. But there is no Bahncard digit numbers there. How can I know the Bahncard number?

DB Navigator application just says the following:

*******. 9/14/16
*******. 10/25/16

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I guess you have only a preliminary BahnCard in your DB Navigator. A preliminary BahnCard has no digit numbers. The BahnCard-Service is very busy at moment so it should be better to call them. /ti