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[Archiv] ICE + sperrigen Gepäcks


Ich werde auf Englisch schreiben, weil mein Deutsch sehr schlecht ist :( Entschuldigung!

I'm going to Germany in September with my mother, and I will be studying there for a year or two. This means that we are taking 3 bulky luggages with us (32kgs, dimensions 86x53x30cm).

We've never taken an ICE train and we will go from Frankfurt airport to Hamburg.

I'd like to know if there's enough space near the doors for us to leave the luggages :/ We can't really use the compartments above our heads because, as I said, the luggages are heavy. And the racks available are too small for them too.

Here's the map with the seats. I believe it's ICE 1 we are taking. Do you think we can reserve seats 15/17 and then leave the luggages near the door?

Danke schon.




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Hello Tathila, I think it's possible to store your luggage behind your seats. If there is no possibility ask our staff in the train. They will help you to find a place for your luggage. Best regards. /ar