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We bought tickets for Budapest to Berlin 33days before but tickets did not arrive their home address.XXXXXX booking code

Hello DB Team, This is my last hope to solve our problem. 3 of my friends bought a ticket from Budapest to Berlin 33days before but tickets did not arrive their home address. While they were waiting for tickets, they sent different emails to DB's various addresses. They could not get any reply. 3 days before they wanted me to contact with any DB office because that was their only chance to contact after consuming the other ways. I went Friedrichstrasse and Berlin HBF offices, at HBF they want me to call online service, send another email to a different address from the related account or buy another ticket and get back a refund. I called line today (pay the cost of calling) and after waiting 32 minutes in the morning the call was ended by the machine because of a busy line. I can only talk for a moment after that much of time with 2 customer services both wanted to connect me English speaker. They cannot also get an answer to new emails. They cannot buy a new ticket because new tickets are 30 euros more than the old ones per person which makes totally 90 euros. They don't want to pay this amount for a mistake done several times by the company. They also lost their trust to the company which makes harder to believe that they can get a full refund. All they wanted to do is to talk with a sincere person who is in charge can solve the problems which we have never seen in the DB. Their holidays will start in 3-4 days and it will be ruined except DB spend an effort.

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Hello OzlemTonkal,

sorry, but the DB community can not help you. We have no access to your data at the Online-Service. There is no other option than to buy a new ticket and submitted after the trip for refund at the Online-Service. I'm sorry that I can't say anything else to you here. /ni