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Not wokring automat

today at 1:30 I wanted to travel from Offenbach HBF to Rodgau Nieder Roden. It was the last train to Rodgau this day so I needed to take it, as I live there. I wanted to buy a ticket but 2 ticket automats in HBF were not working! Therefore I needed to ride one station without the ticket and then buy the ticket at Offenbach Ost. Unfortunately I was controlled between Offenbach HBF and Offenbach Ost and I received 60.00 Euro Fahrpreisnacherhebung. However it was not my fault that automats were not working and I do not want to pay this fee. Cotroller told me, that if I will send you numbers o autmats then I would not need to pay it. Therefore please check the automat B84976 and B84870. This two automats were not workin in Offenbach HBF on 07.08 at 1:25-1:30 and therefore I could not buy a ticket. I dont want to pay 60 EUR fee for broken automat. Please accept my request.


Hello marti, 

ds1603 give you the correct information. In addition to that, you have also the possibility to fill out this form. But this form is only in german. Hope you don't have to pay the fee.

Best wishes /se