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[Archiv] can i get e-ticket? and can i revise my postage address

i did booking my ticket by mail.(postage)
but i want to get my e-ticket.
please send my ticket by e-mail (
my Order number: XXXXXX

and revise my postage address.


[Bearbeitet von DB Bahn am 26.07.2016 um 13:25 Uhr: Nennung der Auftragsnummern, Adresse und E-Mail-Adresse]



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Hello younjilee,

once you have ordered your ticket, you can not change the kind of the ticket. You obviously ordered a non-personalised ticket to be sent to you by mail. DB Online-Tickets can only be ordered for certain connections and if you order one, you have to have a certain ID-card. Not every ID-card is accepted by the DB. Moreover, DB Online-Tickets are not accepted everywhere in Europe. If you travel from abroad into Germany, the foreign railway company can't read our Online-Ticket. Please wait for your ticket to arrive and take this for your travel. /da