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Can I make a reservation?

I would like to make a reservation via Interrail for the train from Munich to Budapest on 26 July 2016 from 13:24. I wanted to do that by phone, but that did not work. The lady on the phone just disconnected me (rude...), so the question still is: Can I make a reservation for this train? Munich(13:24) to Budapest(20:02) via Interrail!
Thank you in advance,

Elisabeth van der Zijden

P.s My ordernumber by Interrail is: *******

[Edited by DB Bahn: Order ID masked]


Hello Elies,

you can make a single seat reservation on bahn.de. Go to reiseauskunft.bahn.de, scroll down and click on the link "Nur Sitzplatz (kein Ticket)" (screenshot). Search for your connection and book your seat. /ti