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Hallo. On 01.07.2016 I wanted to use my credit card to by a ticket from berlin to hamburg.Here is the information in my bank account: Vertrieb A-Nr. XXXXXX Ihre Buchung auf XXXXXXXXX. The problem is when i was paying via Sofort, the syetem said there is an error. I did not get my ticket but now i loss 96 euro in my Deutsche Bank account. May I cancel the deal? Thanks. (PS: After the failure deal, i used my another EC card to buy a new ticket and that one is fine. Booking number of the second right ticket is XXXXX. Please keep this one for me. Thanks.
[altered by DB Bahn - deleted order numbers due to data protection, 03.07.2016, 19.51]



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Hallo HaoWu, did I understand you correctly, that you have made two online bookings and the first book failed? What was the error message at Your best way is urgently to call our online service or send an email: +491806101111 (charges apply: EUR 0.20 cents per call /landlines, EUR 0.60 cents per call/mobile phone) or Have a great week! /ch