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Are there 3 single beds on City Night Train? 1st or 2nd class?

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are prepared to tour Germany from 16 September, 2016 to 26 September, 2016. We shall buy 2nd class German Rail Passes for twins and adult for 10 days within 1 month.
We schedule to tour Frankfurt and Berlin from 16 to 20 September and Munich/Frankfurt from 22 to 26 September, 2016. We shall do city tour in Berlin on 21 September, 2016 by bus and take night train from Berlin to Munich on 21 September, 2016. Please advise:-

1) I understand that we need to fill in the date on the Rail Pass if we use the train service that day. Do we need to fill in 21 September on the Rail Pass since we do not take train on daytime and we would pay the fare for the night train separately?
2) If we buy the 2nd class German Rail Pass, may we book the 1st class '3 persons in Deluxe T3 compartment breakfast inclusive'?
3) If not, are there any other class of compartment with 3 single beds because the old couple are inconvenient to climb up the upper beds especially they need to go to toilet in the midnight while the train is moving?
4) During the reservation process, I note that we have to choose 'Bahncard 25, 2nd class', 'Bahncard 25, 1st class', 'Bahncard 50, 2nd class', or 'Bahncard 50, 1st class'. Which item should I choose?

Your early reply is appreciated.



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Hello Germany2016, I have one important question. Are the travellers european citizen or non european citizien? After that information I can give you the answers. :) /se