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[Archiv] Traveling with DB from Hamburg to Berlin


Please excuse my English. I speak limited German and I am coming to Germany on a vacation. I am planning to stay in Hamburg, then come to Berlin on a Deutsche Bahn train. I have found tickets from for Hamburg to Berlin and it asks me about the price. I am traveling with my child, so 1 adult and 1 child. Children ride free, so it says my ticket will be 19 euros If I only ride with Savings on second class. Does this mean if I come to Hamburg train station I can get on a train with my child and come to Berlin for 19 euros?

Thank you so much, and please excuse me.



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Hi DanielSadjadi321, welcome to our community! There are two specials now at and your child is free, if it is younger than 15 years. First offer is the Sparpreis (saver fare) from 19 Euro with the use of the ICE (white coloured highspeed train). The second regional offer is called IRE Berlin-Hamburg Spezial (website is in German) for 14,90 Euro. Regular cost of the IRE Berlin-Hamburg (red color Interregio-Express train between Hamburg and Berlin) is 19,90 Euro (incl. children). The IRE will take longer than an ICE-train. The advantage of the IRE is the price. Btw, the Trainline International Limited isn't a company of Deutsche Bahn. 

In any way, your may take your child with you when you travel with DB for free. You only have to state that you are travelling with a child below the age of 15 and the child will be on your ticket as well. Please note that when you take a Safers' Fare Ticket (Sparpreis-Ticket) you are to take the train you chose. You are not free to take another train, the "Sparpreis-Ticket" is only good for this one train which is stated on the ticket.

When you take an ordinary ticket "Flexpreis" you may take any train in your direction, you are not restricted to one particular train. The "Flexpreis" is more expensive than the "Sparpreis-Ticket".