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DB bahn App Location problem


Recently DB Bahn App (for Android) is showing the location field . Now when selecting a source stop (Bonhefferstrasse , heidelberg ) to desitination (Bismarkplatz) in my case it shows (Request Invalid (LOCATION) error. But this is a valid bus stop and there is a bus that does goes from here. The only thing it allows to to select is a location or address Bonhefferstrasse 9, heidelberg and not the bus stop name .

And when i select the address /location it shows me a tram connection but not the bus which is close by.

So bus stops / tram stops which have the same name as the street name wont work hence forth ? . seems odd.


Hey Anil, that is a known problem. Actually we have problems with the schedule datas from the transport association VRN. I hope our developer team will fix it soon. /ti