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[Archiv] BahnCard order change?

I've already ordered a BahnCard 25, with a student discount. Although I have not yet received it. As I understand it won't be delivered till I post, by mail, evidence of my student status and age.

I, however saw an offer today for a BahnCard50 for under 27 year olds at a reduced price of 69 euros. If I wanted to, would it be possible for me to cancel my previous order and take up this new offer?



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Hello prj, you can buy the "My BahnCard 50" if you want. In this case you don't have to buy the ordered BahnCard 25. But after purchasing the "My BahnCard 50" please send a short email to the BahnCard-Service and tell them that you have upgraded your order. The email-address is
But please check whether the BahnCard 50 is the right product for you. Please consider that it isn't possible to combine the BahnCard 50 with the Saver fare-tickets (Sparpreis), it's only possible with the BahnCard 25.
When you travel a lot and you want to be flexible, the BahnCard 50 is the right card for you. But if you don't travel really much and you plan your trips in advance , maybe it's better to buy the BahnCard 25. In the following weblink you can get a short overview: Best regards /ki